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The Two Sides of Freedom: Evolving and Excellence

True freedom comes with consequences, both good and bad, and we don’t always get to choose which one. We must learn to embrace the two sides of freedom: Evolving and Excellence. We are free from the strongholds that once held us captive, yet confined to the hand and will of God that we may evolve into better and greater versions of ourselves, freeing us to become excellent representatives of the love and compassion of the God we serve.

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Releasing the Shame

I was 18 yrs old, just graduated high school, smelling myself and thinking I was grown grown and ready to express and embrace my independence. My friends and I decided we was gonna go meet up with some boys in Binghampton. I lied to my mom and told her I would be staying with a friend who had moved from Getwell Garden to Binghampton as well as babysitting for my auntie Pam (R.I.P). We actually stayed in a TRAP house with some guys on Princeton. I met this guy and was laid up with him all week. One night, another guy came over, and asked me to iron his clothes for him to go to the club. Well, I said...

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Navigating the Unknown with God

When I first started my writing and purpose journey in 2014, all God said was “Your books will bring healing to the nations”. That’s it! Every book/journal I have published since then has been under the assignment and obedience to release what He has shown, placed and did in me. Over the years I’ve imagined what that vision will look like: best selling author, speaking and traveling the world and because none of that has happened I’ve procrastinated at times on my assignment. I’ve grown weary in well doing. I’ve spent money on coaches to give me a strategy. I created and rebranded my websites 50-11 times. I’ve created and started coaching programs to teach people what I know/do. I’ve...

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