About Us | IndiWrites

Indiwrites is a spiritual growth and development company. We believe that wholeness is a catalyst to abundance and are committed to providing biblical resources and practical strategy to help believers heal and walk in purpose in every area of their lives.


As a resource center we provide books, journals, courses, workshops, coaching etc to facilitate growth and provide support to believers on their journey to grow in Christ and achieve their goals.

We also provide book design, writing and publishing assistance to support Christian leaders, therapists, coaches, etc with a desire to release their knowledge and strategy to the masses.

Indiwrites was founded by Indiana Tuggle to celebrate those who rose from the ashes and turned their pain into purpose. Those who have been transformed by God and their faith and have decided to break the silence, boldly professing their faith, their voice and their wholeness. Our products are conversation starters meant to promote self-reflection, creative expression and bold moves.

Writing became an instrumental part of my life. I not only wrote my way through the healing process but into purpose. My movement is to help others unleash the power of the pen to heal, transform lives and impact the world. I help them partner with the Holy Spirit and use their pen as an instrument of war to break through the barriers their painful experiences have created leaving them stuck in a lifestyle of fear and mediocrity. 

With this pen ... we can heal ourselves and others

With this pen ... we can share our victories and strategies for success

With this pen ... we can create a legacy for our families

With this pen ... we can communicate with God

With this pen ... we can create a new reality

Each day presents a new beginning, a new attitude, and a new outlook on life; where we are Bold, Powerful, and Whole