Pen Warriors Community

We are Warriors!

My Pen is a Sword...
Piercing through the stoney barrier that surrounds my heart,
Digging deeper and deeper into my soul,
Until the whole of darkness transforms into a funnel of light leading me to purpose!

We Fight Because ...

Each new day is a reminder of God's love and plan for us, and regardless of what transpired in the past or what is happening now, 
We are worthy of joy and success!

We Write Because ...

Unlike a friend too busy to return our call or too blind to notice our pain, the pages ALWAYS speak and the pen ALWAYS knows!

We Offer:

Monthly Healing Masterclass

Each month we will engage in a study or topic to achieve healing and/or walk in wholeness in a specific area. As the group grows, these topics will based on feedback from the members as well as guidance from the Holy Spirit. The courses will be pre-recorded, and come with study guides that can be downloaded. At the end of each month, we will have a live Wellness Check via zoom to discuss progress, obtain feedback, and next steps. Feel free to share your journal entries

Weekly Writing Prompts

The monthly masterclasses will be broken down into weekly lessons, with scriptures to meditate on and writing prompts so that you can participate in your healing weekly

Weekly Prayer Calls

Join us each Monday (beginning 3/8/2021), for prayer. Prayer requests are submitted via email to by Sunday evening at 3pm CST.