What does it mean to write to heal?

What does it mean to write to heal?

Writing to Heal means that you are giving God access to the secret places and allowing Him complete control to guide you on the journey to obtain true wholeness: restoration back to your kingdom identity and authority in Christ. You and God are partners. The pen is a tool that allows subconscious communication between you and God.

The number one difference between journaling and writing to heal is intent. Journaling is generally sporadic in thought and topic, while writing to heal is intentional. You give your words a destination, either writing to God, self, or someone who hurt you. It is also transactional in that God speaks back to you. Writing to heal is also a guided study in that the Holy Spirit will lead you to obtain truth and revelation on a specific topic. 

In Writing to Heal, there are 5 things you must be willing to do:

  1. You must be willing to acknowledge you need help. You must acknowledge you need to heal and that God is the solution and has the answer. You must also be able to identify your destructive behavior patterns, as God can not heal what you refuse to reveal.
  2. You must be willing to be transparent. You must be ready to get naked before Him and reveal your deepest, darkest hurt and secrets AND be unashamed and unapologetic about it, meaning you don't sugarcoat your truth in an attempt to be respectful to God or others. To truly heal you must truly release.
  3. You must be willing to be alone. The healing process is snatching the band-aid off the wounds and you are bleeding out. The incubator, as I call it, is protecting you, as blood attracts leeches and predators. However, accept the aloneness knowing that it is only temporary and God will send divine connections at the appropriate time.
  4. You must be willing to be consistent in His presence. This means you must communicate with Him and study His word daily. This may also require you to set the atmosphere by doing what you need to do to go to your happy place of peace: worship music, candles, etc. And do so with no excuses regardless of what is going on or even when you don't hear anything or feel  like things are getting better.
  5. You must be willing to commit to the process. Writing is only the beginning, additional action will be required on your part. Thus, you must be obedient to God's voice and move swiftly. 

Healing is a state of mind, wholeness is a destination. True healing is about uncovering the truth about self, God and others. Walking in wholeness is about obtaining the abundant life the pain tried to rob you of.

If you are ready to begin the process and take the journey towards wholeness. We want to help you do it. First obtain your Embrace Your Healing Journal, then join our Pen Warriors Community

See you on the battlefield!

Coach Indy!

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