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Frustrated? Embrace the P.A.U.S.E

Lately I find myself frustrated a lot! Frustrated in my singleness and the whole dating scene. Frustrated on my job and the increased workload. Frustrated in my business trying to consistently produce income and stay passionate simultaneously. And as I was speaking to my therapist the other day and the word frustrated slid from tongue, I said to her "I'm going to stop using that word" but in the moment I couldn't find no other way to express my feelings. Immediately the Holy Spirit reminded me of the words I spoke in my book Saved, Single and Frustrated, "Frustration is the result of trying to do, on our own, what only God can do." Then He said, "Frustration comes to...

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Let Go

Can I have a real conversation with you for a moment? It’s been an emotional roller coaster with me, and I hate to admit it, for at least the last two years. In regards to my purpose and my business I’ve just been contemplating over and over in my mind what to do to help it grow. Even after hearing clearly from God to focus on healing. Even after obtaining the download from Holy Spirit for a new prompted journal line. Even after receiving instructions to focus on creating those journals, this blog and my podcast. I was still left in a state of confusion. Or at least I thought it was confusion, because after all the clarity and directives,...

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Patience is a Virtue

Today in my morning meditation. I heard the Lord say “Remove STILL from your vocabulary”. And before I could say “huh”, the Holy Spirit began to bring words I’ve uttered to my remembrance: I’m still healing I’m still growing I’m still learning I’m still building I'm still single To defend myself my initial response was "but your word says ‘Be Still and Know that I am God,' how can I remove still from my vocabulary." But then I went to my friend Google to look up the definition of "still". I learned that in the context I was using it, as an adjective, it meant “not moving or making a sound” as in motionless, immobile, stationary, lifeless. So, when we...

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