Patience is a Virtue

Patience is a Virtue

Today in my morning meditation. I heard the Lord say “Remove STILL from your vocabulary”. And before I could say “huh”, the Holy Spirit began to bring words I’ve uttered to my remembrance:

To defend myself my initial response was "but your word says ‘Be Still and Know that I am God,' how can I remove still from my vocabulary." But then I went to my friend Google to look up the definition of "still". I learned that in the context I was using it, as an adjective, it meant “not moving or making a sound” as in motionless, immobile, stationary, lifeless. So, when we say we are "still" doing something we are:

(1) Failing to acknowledge the movement of God in our lives – "Still" says that time is moving but we are not. It is indicative of lack of vision because we fail to acknowledge our progress and God’s process unfolding in our lives. It says to God we are awaiting a specific thing or event to take place to indicate we have arrived to the next destination. Remember the process is more important than the perceived reward.

(2) Expressing our disappointment in our present position - Still says we are not content where God has us. Check your motives, the ability to wait patiently should not be dependent on a reward. Get clarity on the vision, did God say a specific reward was coming or are you assuming?

(3) Resisting to be used by God. - Still says we are not ready for the present tasks. It justifies our laziness and resistance to change.  For every season there is an assignment, learn to be present. God is not in your past pushing you nor in your future waiting for you to get there. He is with you now and has work for you to do now.

To be still in God (Psalm 46:10) means to rest in assurance of His power, guidance, protection, etc., devoid of fear and worry. It means to pause,  acknowledge Him and give Him the praise due Him. Whatever state we are in, we still lack nothing because we are complete in Him. Remember patience is not about how long or why we wait but about how WELL we wait. 

Coach Indy

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