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Stop Asking Why Are You Single

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Do you constantly question why you are single? Are you tired of waiting for a relationship and feel like it's preventing you from living your best life? In this faith-filled guide, you will discover how to find healing and contentment in your single season by addressing your inner battles and overcoming the barriers that are preventing you from experiencing the abundant life that God has promised you.

Learn how to stop comparing yourself to others and practice gratitude for what God has already done in your life. Discover the importance of praise and how it can help you recognize what hinders your relationship with God. Let go of the past, forgive, and recognize your self-worth. Submit to the will of God, and learn how to recognize the enemy's tactics that are designed to discourage you from discovering your purpose.

Recognize that true happiness is found in your identity in Christ. Live in the moment and acknowledge God's presence in your life. Enjoy who you are and where you are with God.

As a celibate single woman for over five years, Indiana understands the impatience and frustration that can come with waiting for a mate. She shares her personal journey of finding healing and contentment by addressing her own issues of low self-esteem, anger, and unforgiveness stemming from unresolved trauma. Through her story and practical advice, she encourages readers to allow God to heal them and embrace the true beauty of singleness.

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