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Finding Faith: Lessons Uncovered Through the Storms

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A Christian motivational book for the woman looking for answers. Are you finding it difficult to understand the things God has allowed to transpire in your life? Do you find yourself asking why me or God, where are you? Do you have a hard time imagining the good that will come from the rape, molestation, domestic violence, poverty, bad relationships, the death of loved ones, abandonment and/or rejection? You know that all you need is faith the size of a mustard seed but still find it hard to Faith It through!


Finding Faith was written for you! In this walk down memory lane, Indiana reveals the lessons she uncovered through the many storms that seemed to plague her life but now provide a source of strength and foundation for her relationship with God. In this inspirational and motivational exchange learn how she learned to ask why not me instead of why me and how the pain turned into purpose. Most importantly discover how faith is not about perfectly weathering the storm but about standing on the perfect word of God despite the storm.

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