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Author Indiana Tuggle

Awaken the Dream

Awaken the Dream

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Looking for a daily devotional to enhance your quiet time with God? Look no further than "Awaken the Dream." This Christian devotional is the perfect companion for your daily journey with God, filled with 90 days of encouragement and reminders of His everlasting love for you.

Each day's devotional includes daily prayers and "Reflections and Reaction" exercises to motivate you to continue standing on the promises of God, examine yourself, and live a holy and presentable life for Him, representing Christ in all your endeavors.

Are you struggling to make your dreams a reality? Let "Awaken the Dream" inspire you to overcome your past, limited education, family obligations, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, fear, time, money, or lack of support from others. No matter what challenges you may face, this devotional is a reminder that you were created for greatness and that there is a miraculous calling on your life.

The best part about "Awaken the Dream" is that it is numbered, not dated. This means that you can mark your favorite devotionals and revisit them whenever you need a dose of encouragement or motivation to stay the course.
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Customer Reviews

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Great book

This is a awesome book, my first day I read almost half of the book. She brings a lot of joy into this read. I will be getting and reading more of her books. Thanks for showing me the way back.

Inventively Inspirational

This is one of those books that inspire faith and devotion. It is a simple read, but shows the path of prayers and insights that help with mediation, reflection and discovery. You don't have to be a religious person, only one who believes in faith and hope to read this book. In some cases, it will help those who may feel they have lost hope or inspiration. Sometimes books like this find you at the right moment when you need it, and though it's not an answer to everything, it can help you gain perspective to find the answers. Written passionately without being overbearing or controlling.

I received this book free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. ~Amy's Bookshelf Reviews