Welcoming Wisdom

Welcoming Wisdom

As most of us are aware, there is a huge difference between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is acquired education and understanding of a specific topic. But wisdom is how that knowledge is applied toward your thoughts and behaviors. 

When it comes to the healing journey, one has to be ready to be stripped of previous knowledge especially subconsciously. Much of what trauma and hurt taught us was a false understanding of love, honor, trust, acceptance, etc. God has to reprogram us, create in us a clean heart. 

That cleaning often feels like having tough uncomfortable conversations with self and others. The  weeping comes in stages as the revelation unfolds and the application is stretching. During this process it’s easy to feel condemned or beat down and feel like, “what am I doing wrong now?” Or “what else do I have to heal from. 

Be reminded that the Lord chastises whom He loves. Yes love exposes, but love also protects and covers. The diagnosis is NOT a death sentence‼️
Your trauma diagnosed you with abandonment, rejection, low self-esteem, selfishness, lack of trust etc. So you run because the enemy has you believing that those issues kill your dreams, desires for love, success etc. But God exposes them because He is showing you what He is going to heal you from.

You asked Him to show you what He is doing!
You asked Him to let you see what He sees!
You sang 🎶 “Lord, whatever you doing in this season, don’t do it without me.” 🎶

In order to heal your heart, He must first show you the condition of your heart. The diagnosis is not a death sentence it’s a DECLARATION…..

I decree and DECLARE ….
You shall be FREE from abandonment
You shall be FREE from rejection
You shall be FREE from low self-esteem
You shall be FREE from addiction
You shall be FREE from loneliness
You shall be FREE from pride
You shall be FREE from lust and perversion

For He whom the son sets free is free INDEED💕 (John 8:36)

Abundance, love, success, greatness, etc

Embrace the process
Submit to the journey
Hold your head up, help is HERE💕

Coach Indy

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