The Aloneness is Only Temporary

The Aloneness is Only Temporary

Healing is a personal journey between you and God. Don't be saddened by the removal of people from your life, nor the inability to hang out with "friends". As God removes, He will also replace. Count it all joy to be in His presence, to commune, to sup, and to spend uninterrupted time with Him. To ensure you heal well, He has cleared the path, removed the hindrances, and relieved your stress so that you can worship and experience His peace and hear His voice clearly.

Remember you asked for this. You asked to grow closer in Him. You asked that He remove anything and anyone from your life that were distractions or were not good for you. He did what you asked! Any distractions that remain are those you created and/or refuse to let go. Instead of complaining about whose gone, focus on God.

Give Him your time and He will pause time for you. You are not behind, you are not late, and you are certainly not confused. The answers and the guidance you seek are in His presence. All that He has for you, WILL wait for you! He will guide your every move and He will order your every step if you just remain patient. Remove your desires and allow God to show you His. His plans are so much bigger and better than yours. Surrender, embrace your healing, and rest in His presence.

Keep Healing,

Coach Indy

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