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Forgotten Pain: Finding Strength in God’s Faithfulness

Last week, I marked the anniversary of my mother's passing, a somber seven years without her. Yet, for the very first time, I forgot. Surprisingly, amidst a few social media posts scattered throughout the month, the actual day slipped my mind. At first, this forgetfulness seemed almost unsettling. How could I forget such a significant date? But as I pondered it more, I began to see it as a profound moment of healing and growth.For countless years, September 15th had been etched into my consciousness. It was a day that paralyzed me, a day when I couldn't do anything but lie in bed, tears flowing, as the physical and emotional pain took its toll. The date had this strange power...

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Embracing Freedom & Restoration: A Testimony of God's Perfect Timing

As I sit down with the Lord and engage in heartfelt reflection, I can't help but ponder a peculiar tendency we humans possess. It's a tendency to throw the phrase "all these years" towards the heavens when life hasn't unfolded according to our desires. It's been over a decade since I was last in a serious relationship, and yet, as I pause to analyze the events of these past ten years, I'm overwhelmed by the realization that every twist and turn has been nothing short of a blessing – a testament to my resilience. In this span of time, I've weathered storms that would have shattered many. I battled through a lengthy period of unemployment spanning fifteen months, faced the...

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