Embracing Freedom & Restoration: A Testimony of God's Perfect Timing

Embracing Freedom & Restoration: A Testimony of God's Perfect Timing

As I sit down with the Lord and engage in heartfelt reflection, I can't help but ponder a peculiar tendency we humans possess. It's a tendency to throw the phrase "all these years" towards the heavens when life hasn't unfolded according to our desires. It's been over a decade since I was last in a serious relationship, and yet, as I pause to analyze the events of these past ten years, I'm overwhelmed by the realization that every twist and turn has been nothing short of a blessing – a testament to my resilience.

In this span of time, I've weathered storms that would have shattered many. I battled through a lengthy period of unemployment spanning fifteen months, faced the heart-wrenching loss of my home, and said goodbye to my dear mother, father, and grandmother. Amidst these struggles, I even confronted a terrifying health scare when my gallbladder reached the brink of gangrene. But, I've always felt the presence of the Almighty enveloping me, providing shelter and healing.

Let me take a moment to share a nugget of wisdom I've gained through these trials: I firmly believe that dating while financially or emotionally broken is counterproductive. Why? Because such circumstances often lead to desperation, causing us to settle for temporary companionship that fails to serve our deeper purpose. I've heard the adage that one should only show their mountain top to those who can endure their valleys, yet I've come to understand that valleys can attract predators too. It's when we stand atop the mountain that our patience is honed, enhancing our ability to discern what is true and genuine.

Today, I find myself in a season of peace. Is everything around me perfect? No, far from it. But amidst the imperfections, I'm sitting back, basking in the gentle breeze of God's boundless love, unwavering power, and steadfast protection. Consider this the equivalent of a restricted-party screening – a selective filtering of who enters my sacred space.

I share this journey not to boast, but to firmly remind each one of you: do not allow the enemy to wave the banner of time in your face and cast doubt upon God's plan. Your healing was never a waste of time. His timing remains flawless, His plan is continually unfolding, His word stands true, His power is indomitable, and His love forever prevails.

So, today, I encourage you all to liberate yourselves from the chains of doubt and uncertainty. Embrace the freedom to rest, unapologetically, in the arms of the One who crafts our stories with unparalleled grace and precision.

Coach Indy

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