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Forgotten Pain: Finding Strength in God’s Faithfulness

Last week, I marked the anniversary of my mother's passing, a somber seven years without her. Yet, for the very first time, I forgot. Surprisingly, amidst a few social media posts scattered throughout the month, the actual day slipped my mind. At first, this forgetfulness seemed almost unsettling. How could I forget such a significant date? But as I pondered it more, I began to see it as a profound moment of healing and growth.For countless years, September 15th had been etched into my consciousness. It was a day that paralyzed me, a day when I couldn't do anything but lie in bed, tears flowing, as the physical and emotional pain took its toll. The date had this strange power...

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From Pain to Purpose: Breaking Free and Embracing Victory

Discover the strength within to break free from the chains of pain, resentment, and bitterness. Transform your pain into purpose and embrace victory. Let go of the past, forgive, and surrender to God's loving hands. With Him as your anchor, rise above your circumstances and live a life of purpose. Are you tired yet? The choice is yours. The victory is waiting.

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