Optional Obedience

Optional Obedience

I recall my former Pastor telling me that the amount of times it takes from when you hear God and when you obey God will determine your growth in Him. It’s easy to obey God when it feels good or you can see how it will benefit you. However when life gets hard, and you can’t see up the street nor around the corner, obedience becomes delayed. And we all know delayed obedience is still disobedience. 

But on this #MindsetMonday I came to warn you to stop taking joy in disobedience and grieving the Holy Spirit. This past weekend, I met a woman who I heard proudly say more than a few times in that 8-hr period, that God had been telling her to write a book for 6 yrs.  As a writing coach, this is not the first time I’ve heard aspiring authors say this, just the number of years changed. But this just reminded me of how entitled and spoiled we are. 

How we can boast about having a relationship with Him and hearing God (while surrounded by people who struggle in that area) yet be so comfortable expressing how we didn’t do what He said. 

How we can spew scripture to others about hearing and obeying, obedience is better than sacrifice or if you love Him keep His commands yet be selective when we apply it to our own lives. 

Have we naively limited His “commands” to the 10 commandments? Do we not know that command encompasses any and every instruction He gives whether or not we understand it? Are we blatantly taking advantage of grace. Or ignorantly thinking that we control time? 

The keys to obedience are hope, love, and trust. Is your hope in Him or your own abilities? Love is an action word, are you willing to sacrifice your will for His? Do you trust Him enough to blindly follow Him out of your comfort zone. Remember your yes has to be consistent AND unconditional. 

Coach Indy

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