It's Time to Embrace Your Healing

It's Time to Embrace Your Healing

It’s easy to ask for prayers or help when we are sick or suddenly become ill. We quickly rush to the aid of friends and family at the unexpected death of a loved one. But who do we run to when the molestation or rape at 8 years old propelled us into a life of promiscuity and left emotional scars rendering us unable to build and nurture healthy relationships? Who runs to our aid when the childhood bullying or fist of a mate drained the life out of us and left us filled with shame, rage and regret?

As women, the world tells us we are strong because we survived such pain. But our survival is hidden behind the vail of poor eating habits, obesity, failed relationships, drugs, sex, mediocrity and low self-esteem. Life has become a struggle. We know there is more. We know better is out there. But we just don’t know who to call and where to go.

Healing gets such a bad rap because it is used as a barrier to keep people out. Society has become more accustomed to exposing our pain rather than helping us become whole. Victim blaming fosters a community of shame rather than a safe place for vulnerability. True healing opens doors, shatters glass ceilings and creates a needed momentum to plow through life and obtain our hearts desires.

Healing comes in seasons and instead of running we should embrace it when it comes because with it comes the keys to our next level. I believe there are three levels:

(1)   Awareness & Acknowledgement – A light is shined on the darkness prompting us to ask “what’s wrong with me?” Lies we accepted are exposed and we begin to seek the truth that will set us free.

(2)   Acceptance – Strength and courage begin to manifest as we accept we have the power to change our situation. We begin to seek a plan of attack to get past the pain and uncover the victory we have with Christ.

(3)   Action – This is the execution phase marked by revelation and strategy from and with God. As we are given the steps needed to move forward we are breaking curses and barriers, plus releasing our purpose to assist others.

When we can embrace healing, wholeness then becomes an individual journey towards peace and happiness rather than acceptance from others. For I am healed when I realize the power and freedom of being authentically ME!

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Coach Indy!

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