Happy 2022: Are you planning with God?

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Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed your holiday spending time with family and friends. And if this time is difficult for you, I pray that you found solice and gratitude in God’s grace and mercy that kept you thus far. Now that the holidays are over (for now cause V-Day is approaching fast) we are anticipating what the new year will bring. 

It’s the season for
👀Vision Board planning
🏃‍♀️Goal Setting
📝Resolution Making
🗣Word of the year declaring
✂️Removing people from your life

But in all your getting, get an understanding

1. If the vision only includes you, it ain’t God. I’m not saying you can’t have personal goals but you should always be concerned how others will be impacted if you do or don’t complete them. Remember the heart of God is that none perish, so as you write the vision, include some tasks to help others. 

2. If the goal has no plan or action steps, it’s just a dream. The word reminds us that faith without works is dead (James 2:17) Refrain from filling your list with things that look good, sound good, or nice to have (IF it be God’s will), because no amount of praying and manifesting can override laziness. If you want it you got to be willing to work for it. 

3. If you find yourself making the same resolution(s) year after year, take time to analyze why you keep sabotaging your efforts or won’t stick to the plan. Luke 14:28 reminds us to count up the costs. Before making any goal take a moment to review and reflect on what did or didn’t work previously and what you are willing to sacrifice to achieve it. Are you truly committed to the goal or are you just taking up space on the page?

4. God might not give you a new word if the task associated with the last word are not complete. Words ain’t cute, they are commandments. (Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path. Psalm 119:105) I’ve learned that God is a God of order, you won’t get the next step until you complete the last one. And it’s ok if you missed a few steps, repent and get back on track. Also, if and when, God does give you a word, be sure you obtain clarity before you leap. 

5. If you’re always having to cut people out of your life, take time to analyze why you keep attaching yourself to toxic people. You are not what you attract but you are what you keep. Why are you so comfortable being the dog catcher🤷🏾‍♀️ Self-love is a hot word, but people tend to throw it around haphazardly. True self-love requires boundaries and consequences. Learn to communicate your expectations, establish boundaries, determine consequences if they are not met, and stick to it.

Your journey to wholeness will require self-examination in every area of your life. We must move in purpose with God not by worldview. Your relationship with God is key! 

Happy Planning
Coach Indy

Love, peace, and prosperity in 2022❤️

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