Enough is Enough! Let God Love You!

Enough is Enough! Let God Love You!

You have been through enough. So many times when we embark on the healing journey, we have preconceived ideas of how it will be because of what others have said:

  • it's hard
  • it's ugly
  • it's gonna get bad before it gets worse
  • there will be a lot of fighting and tears

Which can be true at times, but I will say that most of it is due to (1) resistance to change and (2) refusal to trust God and submit to the process.

I used to think that my own healing process began when I wrote my first book, but actually it began when God drew me to Him! My search for love led me to Him!

The Lord has appeared of old to me, saying: "Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn you. -Jeremiah 31:3

He pursued me by not allowing anything other than Him to quench my thirst. No matter how much I searched, nothing felt right, no thing nor no one satisfied me, and I always had an inclining that something was missing. Eventually I got weary and came to Him with my hands up. Once I surrendered, He began to immediately pour out His love for me.

In addition to making you weary, the chase strips you of your identity and blinds you from the vision of yourself, God and others. Thus the beginning of the healing journey is not about exposing your faults or all the ugliness you have done or experienced. it's about God pouring out His love for you and ensuring that you know:

  • He sees you. (not what you did, but who you are)
  • He hears you. (He heard your prayers and came to set you free)
  • He is with you. (in your pit, through your restoration, and in the victory)
  • He has a plan for you (He can turn it all around for your good)

Your love walk is a heart-to-heart dialog between you and God, I created Be Loved: A Restoration Journal to help you write letters telling Him the intimate secrets and thoughts you have kept in silence. Through this journal I pray that you release your preconceived thoughts, take the limits off, relax and "Let God Love You"!

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