Cancel the Pity Party

Cancel the Pity Party

Hello June🤦🏽‍♀️
Yes it’s June 2022 already and I hate to admit it but I’m struggling. Last night I looked at those goals and implementation plans I made back in January and guess what I still haven’t been consistent. Not consistent in weekly blogs and podcasting for my business nor my weight loss journey 😭

Just when I was about to have a full blown Pity Party, Holy Spirit was like NOT TODAY, we ain’t got no more time to waste. I preach every day is a new beginning, yet I was about to slip into condemnation. The thing is we can allow condemnation to creep into our self-examination process when we spend too much time dwelling on what we didn’t do. Nope we got to learn to give ourselves grace, repent, dust ourselves off and get right back in the game. When the word says there is no condemnation in Christ it doesn’t mean Holy Spirit is not grieved by our disobedience, it means that regardless of where we messed up, He is still there to help us pick up the pieces. That’s the freedom and access we have as His children. 

So yes look at that vision board or goal sheet you created and start again, we have 7-months left to get it right. The thing about being consistent is you have to BE consistent. That means once you have the strategy, break it down into monthly goals then weekly and daily tasks, next BE intentional and schedule it on your calendar and DO IT regardless of how you feel, FORCE yourself to make it happen. Yes I said force because you won’t feel like it at first and many other things will fight for your attention. But remember it’s on your vision board for a reason. Let your why and the promises of God be your motivation. Because the true goal is that you don’t give up regardless of how many times you have to stop and start again.  

The vision shall speak if you faint not. Reflect on Habakkuk 2:3-5 and let God renew your strength for what He has called and anointed you to do. And never forget God is with you (Joshua 1:8)

Coach Indy

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