3 Ways to Overcome Fear

3 Ways to Overcome Fear

Whether we like to admit it or not fear is the root of every excuse and hindrance to fulfilling our goals. Often times by the time we realize it so much time has passed, that we think it is too late. I have found that every day God allows us to open our eyes is a day for a new beginning, a fresh start, a do-over, and a second chance to get it right. I have also discovered that fear is not going away. No matter how much you pray and ask God to remove it, no matter how much faith you have to ignore it, or no matter how many times you bind it in the name of Jesus, it’s not going anywhere. Why? It’s a part of our human nature. The word tells us “Do Not Fear,” however God never promised He would take it away! (At least I have yet to find the scripture) So then how do we keep that pesky devil of fear from keeping us away from the things God called us to do?

1.  Analyze its root. Ask yourself where did it come from, why is it here and what purpose does it serve. Did it come from God? Is it here to prevent you from harm or danger? Will it help or hinder you in your assignment? Fear is your body’s initial reaction to danger or perceived danger. Unfortunately, your body does not know the difference because it is based on past experiences. Therefore a task or assignment that is outside of your comfort zone or different from anything you have ever done will appear as a danger to your mind and initiate fear. Questioning the fear allows you to assess the situation rationally putting your mind at ease.

2.  Use it as motivation. In the words of Nike “Just Do It.” Nothing quiets fear quicker than action. Making an immediate decision to act on the assignment given prevents fear from rising. Basically, your mind does not have time to react. There is no time to think or talk yourself out of it. Throw caution to the wind and just risk it all for the glory of the Lord! Trust that God would not lead you where His grace will not protect you. Trust that God’s plan is perfect. Trust that regardless of the result, God is right there with you.

3. Consider the costs. What will happen if you don’t do it? This is my choice in handling fear. Turn the tables. Rather than be afraid to do it, be afraid not to! Be afraid of being stuck in the same place, same job, or same lifestyle. Be afraid of missing out on what God promised you. Be afraid that if you don’t, God will give it to someone else. Be afraid never knowing how far you could go or discovering the depth of the plans God has for you.

Abundant life is available, don’t allow fear to make you miss it. Look fear right between the eyes and proclaim: “YOU DON’T SCARE ME!”

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