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Imagine Me - EJournal

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This digital prompted journal was designed for the woman who struggles with creating a vision for her wholeness. Most of us want better, better relationships, better friendships, better career, a better quality of life in general. However somehow we have allowed our hurt to tell us the key to better is in the behaviors or actions of someone else rather than ourselves. 

I love teaching with acronyms and for this topic I came up with B.A.L.M. And you probably guessed it ... I was singing "Jesus is the balm in Gilead." When I look at the definition of balm, a fragrant ointment or preparation used to heal or soothe the skin. I thought about the key elements that are necessary to ensure a successful journey and to soothe and heal us as we go, thus restoring the vision God has for you as His beloved daughter. They are Belief, Affirmations, Learning, and Motivation. With this journal let's dive into these elements and restore the vision for your wholeness.

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