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Who is God to You?

Posted by Indiana Tuggle on

Do you believe that He is the “Great I Am” in you? The greater you want to become is available to you now through the one who lives in you. Just because you don’t have what you want right now does not mean you are not capable of achieving it or worthy of receiving it.

Who you believe God to be is tied to your ability to trust in Him. You lack trust because your thought process is one-sided. You only think in terms of what you don’t have. Be mindful of what you do have and have already accomplished. If you must, literally take inventory of your accomplishments. Type them up in a word document in large print. Print it out, make copies and post them in as many places as need be to remind you of what God has done.

He said to them "But who do you say that I am?" - Matthew 16:15


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