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At His Word

Posted by Indiana Tuggle on

God has ways to bless us that we haven’t even thought about. However, we must slow down and see, don’t move too fast, as we may overlook them. What if Elijah had left before the brook dried up? (see 1 Kings 17: 1-16) Would the widow woman have received him? We have to do what God says. Don’t try to out-think or get ahead of God. Stay at the brook. Stay with the word, until He gives you another word. Stay where you heard the Lord say stay. Do what you heard the Lord say to do. Remember it is not all about you. Don’t try to help God out. Your blessings are not just about you either. God wants to set you up so that you may bless others.  God is teaching you how to live and depend on Him; when you do, He has unconventional ways to bless you. Trust Him and see.


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