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Cancel the Pity Party

Hello June🤦🏽‍♀️ Yes it’s June 2022 already and I hate to admit it but I’m struggling. Last night I looked at those goals and implementation plans I made back in January and guess what I still haven’t been consistent. Not consistent in weekly blogs and podcasting for my business nor my weight loss journey 😭 Just when I was about to have a full blown Pity Party, Holy Spirit was like NOT TODAY, we ain’t got no more time to waste. I preach every day is a new beginning, yet I was about to slip into condemnation. The thing is we can allow condemnation to creep into our self-examination process when we spend too much time dwelling on what we...

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No Condemnation in God

Do we truly know the definition of unconditional love? Perhaps the problem is not in the definition. Do we accept God’s unconditional love? Better yet, do we know how to walk in that unconditional love? As women we tend to be harder on ourselves than we need to be. We are our own worst critics. Whenever something goes wrong we quickly blame ourselves. However we like to call it “accepting responsibility.” After all, it is the “adult” thing to do. But where accepting responsibility goes wrong is in the self-punishing and the inability to move forward. There is no condemnation in God. Once God forgives us, the act is thrown into a sea of forgetfulness. Jesus died on the cross...

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